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However, as far as the Modi led National Democratic Alliance’s (NDA) official stand on sanctions is concerned, the government has maintained its predecessor’s position.

Arguing that New Delhi does not support “economic sanctions that do not have the approval of the United Nations Security Council,” India has extended its sympathy to other countries facing sanctions as well.

E The Supreme Court remanded a pregnancy discrimination case back to the lower courts in 2015, effectively saying that the employer could not place pregnancy in a different class other than disability and that they must treat pregnant workers as they would any worker with a disability or medical condition.

Supporting a pregnant employee throughout their term and beyond can have solid ROI for a company by improving long-term retention.

S.-led sanctions regime, and in turn Washington accommodated Indian interests.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi might have promised to “reboot and reorient the foreign policy goals, content and process” through Bharatiya Janata Party’s 2014 election manifesto.

Interactions between the two governments on the Iranian issue are not an exercise of persuasion-resistance and subsequent compliance, as media reports seemingly suggest.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) kept the policy rates unchanged in its latest monetary policy review.Subsequent claims were also filed with the EEOC in 2014.The new 2017 case includes claims related to the older policy, but lawyers said they are planning a separate lawsuit about the revised policy.RAJIV ANANDPost-demonetization a huge amount of money has come into current and savings accounts.And as the process of withdrawals has played out, some of the money has gone out and new money has come into the system.Federal and state laws require employers to accommodate pregnant employees like other disabled workers and treat it like a temporary disability.