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An ancient stone circle has been discovered on the Red Planet.

UFO hunters are claiming to have made the most significant discovery yet on Mars after finding a "version of Stonehenge" on the Red Planet.

When Qin Shi Huang was 13 years old, he ascended the throne of Qin, and immediately began building his eternal resting place. C., however, when Qin Shi Huang successfully unified China that full-scale construction would begin, as he then commanded manpower totaling 700,000 from across the country.

The tomb, located in Lintong County, Shaanxi Province, took over 38 years to complete, and was only finished several years after his death.

The tomb of the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, despite being involved in one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of all times, endures as a mystery to archaeologists and historians as it remains largely sealed up and unexplored. was a period of instability in the Mediterranean, as the Roman Republic went to war with the Carthaginians.

The host of heaven were of course the stars in the night sky humanized.

For years, scientists have debated whether heavy inland snowfall on the vast East Antarctic Ice Sheet--Earth's largest--balances out the rapid melting in West Antarctica. Self-proclaimed 'space nation' Asgardia will launch a satellite later this year to test the concept of long-term data storage in orbit around the Earth.

Given enough snowfall, the continent might not yet be contributing to a sea level rise. signal from 1977--long thought by some to be a sign of extraterrestrial life--was in fact generated by a passing comet. This potentially opens the door to off-planet data and tax havens, according to filings obtained by Motherboard, and represents an important step towards the group's proclaimed goal of starting a private nation in space.

Well, they couldn't exactly soar like the eagles, but the two new species, discovered in China, at least sampled the aerial life. The conventional timeline of human evolution and migration continues to crumble in the face of new research.

The latest finding puts anatomically modern humans deep in Indonesia up to 73,000 years ago — tens of thousands of years before once though...