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Cook was still dating longtime girlfriend, Jessica Simpson.

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With its long history of industry—first coal, then Michelin Tire and Scott Paper and now call centres—along with its penchant for old-time fiddle music, Pictou County may seem an unlikely candidate to be crowned the next Seattle or Montreal, but recently this community of 47,000 people has been responsible for some of the most recognizable Canadians on television and radio: INXS front man JD Fortune, Canadian country music star George Canyon and Trailer Park Boy Bubbles, AKA Mike Smith.

Fortune had his own band for six years, but if he was such a hot singer, why isn't he already a hugely successful rock star fronting his own band?

Welcoming you into the downtown core is Fibber’s Pub and Eatery on your right, in a beautiful large old brick building, and on the left-hand side of the street is The Dock, another pub which is equally as gorgeous and inviting.

On this brisk Saturday in February, the East River is frozen solid white and could invoke nostalgia from even the most committed urban snobs. I half-expect to see a blonde American starlet walking around in an oversized parka smoking cigarettes and wearing Uggs.

Drake had us all in our feelings when he posted a pic of him and Hazel - I mean, actress Andrea Lewis, who starred alongside him during his years on the hit Canadian teen sitcom, Hazel and Drake's character, Jimmy Brooks, were a thing for like 3 seasons until Jimmy caught feelings for Ellie, but let's not even go there right now. After graduating from Concordia University in Montréal in 2012 with a B. in Communication Studies and Computation Arts, Sarah became the Digital Marketing Coordinator for experiential tour company Urban Adventures.

We all know where Drake ended up, but what happened to the rest of the cast? Believe it or not, Spinner is still a drummer (and he doesn't have that platinum blond hair anymore, thank God). In his Twitter bio, he describes himself thusly: "actor, tech enthusiast, Sinatra." Make of that what you will.